Fan Base: Scourge of K-pop? Lie.



So, K-pop fans are known to be the most aggressive people along with Korean Wave right now. You may have seen story about company hiring security guards to use force to keep them away. Even though fan base culture is a target of public criticism, I think there are more highlights in it.

In fact, fan base has a long history in South Korea. You might still remember the “red sea” during World Cup in Germany. The way public spontaneously gather as wearing the same colour is a kind of culture as well as an embodiment of national unity.

K-pop fans are everywhere in the world. But none of them are like the Korean fans—structured and organised. One reason is that the government itself guides an environment of outputting K-pop as an important economic policy. For better propaganda, all entertainment companies establish a fan system as their idols have the first debut. Besides use of official colours and badges to show cohesion, fans always have some other supportive methods, including doing social good to set up great reputation and escalate influence for idols. For instance, rice always takes place of flower baskets to appear in press conferences. After events, fans will donate rice to charity under names of idols.

More people ignore the bright side to simply despise fans. Even some idols hate them for “invading” their personal lives. But it doesn’t matter what you say, they are still cornerstone of K-pop. Not to mention direct or indirect effects of their idols actually. Who can tell that those encouragements have nothing to do with fans’ cultivation? Maybe they are just crying “stop thief” themselves.


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