World-wide popular game: Blade & Soul



Blade & soul is a 3D online multiplayer fantasy action game developed by NC Soft. Korean producer Bae Jae Hyun leads the art design with illustrator Hyung-Tae Kim and the Japanese musician Taro Iwashiro is the music producer for the game.

“Blade & soul ” for the players to show the oriental martial arts world, characters, dodging secrets, fighting experience during the fight, and task plot. In 2012, award the president’s Award for the highest honor of Korean online games. On September 13, 2012, NCSOFT announced that Blade & Soul would release their products in countries outside of Korea on January 19, 2016.

This game provides four kinds of races which is Gon, Jin, Yun, Lyn – it features eight different classes, Blade Master, Destroyer, Summoner, Force Master, Kong Fu Master, Assassin, Blade Dancer and Warlock. The plot revolves around the adventure unfolded before them. It is worth mentioning that player have more freedom about the character design, they can design out their own favorite characters. Perfect role customizes the system (system pinching people), small pupils to large body proportions, all created by the players, personality expression system also gives players a completely different sensory experience.

The fighting spirit will be more fully demonstrated martial arts genre, blade master Sword surgery, draw a sword, Kong Fu master skills with strokes, ninja assassin, assassination, let players experience the spiritual head of the sword martial esoteric. Precise movements, combined with the actual situation, adopted piecemeal, non-injury fighting, counter kill.

Fighting ideas is quite similar with the PC game, you need to disassemble or disqualified or skills to fight back against the opponent then attack, a relatively strong strategy, so the war has become very interesting and great changes. It should change skills combined with a strong sense of combat, it makes Blade & soul fighting spirit rise to the realm of art. By the way, the high-skill players would be more popular in this game.


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