TOP 5 Controversial K-POP Dance (19+)


NO.1  Wiggle Wiggle by HELLO VENUS

Hello Venus new single “Wiggle Wiggle” released with a music video, in which members of the group only wear vests and shorts. The dance moves is quite sexy, however, it has nothing to do with lyrics in the song. This makes public start to wonder, is Korean entertainment circle going to the stage of catching attention by ridiculous vulgar content?

NO.2  Cha Cha by Rainbow Blaxx

The Rainbow group consists of seven-members, however,in this music video, only Rainbow Blaxx squad with four members appear:Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah and Hyunyoung. Unlike the original group’s albums, this single prefers to show so-called another face of those young girls; instead of colourful and sweet dressing up, they pretend a mature sexy sense.

NO.3  Miniskirt by AOA

The song belongs to AOA’s fifth single to show another side of them after their powerful fourth single “Red Motion.” The hit song “Miniskirt” warns a boyfriend who lost interest in a relationship by showing aggressive and sexy moves that only AOA can perform perfectly. The improved rap skill of the leader Ji-min can also be found in the song. This single makes AOA won their first champion on stage of Music Show Inkigayo.

No.4 Marionette by Stellar

In the music video, Stellar have changed lovely pure image by showing different performances to attract the public to show their unique and sexy charm. This MV was at first place of Korean search engine and three of main music charts for a long time, which push Stellar back to one of the popular girl groups in Korea again.

NO.5 Up & Down by EXID

As the song firstly released, result was a total failure. However,  because of a video of member HaNi’s performance on EXID’s live stage by one of their fans, netizens dug out more about the group and called them back to music live show on several cable TV stations. Now they have many fans . Back to the song itself, its digital music has been sold for over 1.3 million copies in South Korea, with views over 40 million on YouTube.


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