Why G-Dragon is popular around the world

Zhou You 丨Explain

As more emphasis is given on Hallyu,the term created to explain a influx of South Korean popular culture,particularly the most representational form of K-Pop,G-Dragon,a successful K-Pop star has been one of the hottest celebrity all over the world.Why he is such famed and focused that he can attract so much attention among public?


It is undoubtedly that G-Dragon is a musical successor. As the front-man for the famous boy band Big Bang ,in addition to the reputation and glories from the team,he also does really well in a solo career. In fact ,he has separated himself from the group of Idols who are paying more attention to appearance or other artistic skills and overly dependent on fans, he has become a professional musician.By that I mean,the music produced by himself has combined with lots of musicality and his own personality.Moreover,his creation is not restricted to local Korean element,but synthesize the Asian and Western cultures.For instance,some of his music uses surprisingly idiomatically correct English such as R.O.D and Coup D’etat. He has already worked with Justin Bieber and American DJ Diplo,who promote his music around the world.

When it comes to G-Dragon, no one can ignore his influence in fashion. Everyone can see him on websites like Vogue,NY Magazine and Le-21eme. He.He is a front row fixture at just every Chanel show, and Saint Laurent ,Rick Owens as well.It is not unrealistic that the fashion designers have  increasingly focused on him because of his popularity and enormous selling power. In terms of his own fashion, G-Dragon is a major fashion fan and he is good at styling. His makeup and appearance are colorful , vaguely dandy-esque and sort of effeminate,which,in some ways, is avoided by most of Western male pop stars but shows the K-Pop boys’ typical images.


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