This year, watch the MOST EXPENSIVE Korean TV drama


Yesterday, as the third episode of Descendants of the Sun released, it successfully broke KBS2 record with a rating of 23.4%. Many people felt it undeserving that the drama was imported to Chinese video platform with $230,000 per episode. But now it can be seen the price is worthwhile—viewing of “ Descendants of the Sun” tag is over fifteen hundred million times on Chinese mainstream social media.


The drama describes the love story between a young Special Forces team leader and a beautiful surgeon in Uruk. As soon as it first came out last week, this production of love and conflict was reviewed as a creation with quick pace and powerful plot. Settings of battlefield and hospital perk up an otherwise predictable story line, make a responsive chord in hearts of audience. Kim Eun-sookm, the drama’s writer, who is well known for her exquisite storyline, chooses to use large-scale exterior, including Korea and Greece, to provide more humanism as well as amusement.


This is the first time for Korean cable Television to make pre-production. It’s also the hero, Song Joong-ki’s first filmography since he left the army. Faded feeling of juvenile, he shows higher similarity of the character and has richer expression in performance. The director also asks the heroine, Song Hye Kyo to break her customary sweet image. Greater space for their creativity makes Descendants of the Sun full of tension and surprise.

Generally, it is definitely worth watching. In the spring of 2016, how about having a healing romance on screen?